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Warzone Public Shutting Down


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Important Announcement regarding Warzone Public!

We are slowly transitioning towards more legitimate closet cheating and have decided to shut down Public Version of Warzone Cheat due to it being pretty much more rage than legit.

Main reason behind this is also lack of time for us to maintain 2 cheats, and now soon 3 when MW2 releases and we want to be ready for new COD game as soon as they release it.

Private Warzone will receive updates normally and will operate just fine as always with no down time.

Everyone with valid Warzone Public subscription can use their remaining time with Warzone Private at no extra cost, just upload your key and order ID in support ticket you will get Private Loader and new key.

With next COD update, Public Cheat will no longer receive updates and with that will be closed.

If you don't want to switch over to private, open ticket and request refund.

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