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KVM/Cloud support

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I use a VM which has real serials for the GPU and CPU, but everything else is virtualized. I used to use IW and AA because of its support for machines like what I use. Other providers I have tried also support it with different results, some inject/load and work flawlessly, others inject but don't show the GUI because of streamproof or anti-screenshot and some outright block me. I wanted to know what's Expira's stance on this. I'm cheatless since the IW C&D and AA detection, both which support KVM/cloud so I wanted to switch over to here.

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20 minutes ago, misterjjjoshua said:

Hi.  I just purchased my first PC yesterday and I want to buy cheats for Modern Warfare 3, but I have no idea how to do it. Also, do your cheats support controller players?

Not a dev, but the cheat is currently being reworked and will be released this weekend. As far as I know, it will have controller support but i'd ask directly from a dev on the discord server just to be sure.

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