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Downloading Required Files

  • Ensure you have the latest download from the downloads page. Refer to the below for this step.
  • Install the required packages located in your downloaded files. You will need
  • Download and install DirectX.

Disabling Secure/Fast Boot

You will have to research how to do this step yourself as it’s different for every user. Refer to youtube/google on how to disable secure boot and fast boot in your bios.

Disabling Anti-viruses

Disable any anti-viruses that you have installed in your computer. You can easily do this by using a software named Windows Defender Control. Refer to the below for the download.

Windows defender control

Disabling security

Make sure that your security features are fully disabled – all firewalls, real time protection, cloud-delivered protection, automatic sample submission and tamper protection.

Loading Cleaner

  1. Click the button – load cleaner”.
  2. For permanent bans (HWID), click the “yes” button on the dialogue box.
  3. For shadow bans, click the “no” button on the dialogue box and go through steps 1, 3, 4 (if Call of Duty: Cold War is installed) and 5.

After Cleaning

Restart your computer and log into the new created user after you’ve ran a full system clean. Always use a fresh Battle.net account to test the cleaner. You can buy fresh test/rage accounts and aged accounts from our store. Please refer to the below.

Our accounts store

Loading Cleaner

  1. For shadow ban cleaning, follow the steps 1, 3, 4 and 5. No system restart is required.

Our cleaner supports most gaming motherboards, with the exception of Alienware, Dell, HP, Lenovo and macOS!

If you’ve used a previous spoofing software, you may be required to wipe your storage drives and reinstall the Windows OS.

Only use the cleaner when you receive an HWID ban. If you only get shadow banned, you can opt out of the full system clean by selecting “no” to the “Would you like to run a full system clean?” dialogue window and following the prompts for a shadow ban clean in the subsequent menu. However, we always recommend to use the full system clean option.


1. If you’re currently HWID banned or would just like to protect your identity, you can use our spoofer without needing to create a new user!

2. Open the loader click the “load” button.

3. Select your game installation folders (if using for games) for the first initialization of the spoofer. This step won’t have to be repeated as you only have to do this once.

4. Wait for the process to complete. Upon completion, you’ll be presented with the loader’s menu screen.


1. Follow all the loader setup steps in the other tab.

1. Make sure to have your anti-virus disabled as mentioned there.

2. Choose the game of your choice and click “load”.

3. Wait for a screen that shows “please open your game now”.

4. Open the game and wait for menu to show. For any problems during this process please check and follow the troubleshooting steps in the appropriate tab.


1. Log in the Battle.net application using the provided details, when you’re going through the security check – if your email ends in “gmail.com” follow the steps below.

2. Go to Gmailnator and input the email address you were given in the order details email.

3. Copy and paste the security code from the email to the Battle.net application security check.

4. Accounts are provided in the following format: [email:password:security answer].


Loader Issues

⦁ Ensure that real-time protection (or other applicable 3rd-party anti-virus software) and secure/fast boot are disabled.

⦁ Ensure that all required files are properly installed.


⦁ Ensure there has not been an update, often updates can cause our system to crash. Check the status of the loader – this can sometimes be out of date as staff may be inactive. Ask the community in the Discord if everything is online and working.

⦁ Restarting your computer and reattempting to inject can be a quick fix. Sometimes errors can happen randomly.

⦁ If still experiencing errors, open a support ticket on the forums to get in contact with the support team.

⦁ Ensure you have uninstalled any 3rd-party anti-cheat programs such as – FaceIT, Vanguard, BattleEye and EasyAntiCheat.

Open a support ticket
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