How do I purchase cheats from Exspira?

If you’re a new, register on our forum and verify your email. After you’ve verified your account, go to store and purchase the desired product. If youre looking to purchase one of our private and slotted cheats, you’re required to apply for verification status first.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We accept Crypto via Coinbase Checkout, Credit and Debit Cards thorugh Stripe on our store. If you’re looking for alternative payment methods – open a ticket in our Discord and ask, extra fees may apply.

What happens after my purchase?

If you’ve bought a cheat directly from our store, you will receive an activation key under your orders and the loader download will be attached in downloads section on forum.

Why is my card being declined?

To purchase with Visa/Mastercard, you need to have 3D-secure enabled on your card.

Please ensure that you submit all requested information (such as name, address and phone number) correctly. If anything is missing or incorrect, the payment will be rejected by the payment processor.

Remember – you can always pay using crypto-currency as there’s a Coinbase checkout in place.

If I need assistance, who will help me?

We’ve got a lot of dedicated staff members from multiple time zones. There’s always someone active and willing to help. To clear a support ticket, please click here and fill the required information.

What happens if a cheat gets detected?

We will update the cheats as fast as possible and ensure that they’re safe before releasing them again. We are extremely dedicated developers, our cheats rarely get detected and when they do we work as fast as possible to update them!

Do you offer trials or vouch copies?

We aren’t offering trials or vouch copies for multiple reasons. The first one being security, the more people that use the cheats, the more vulnerable they are to getting cracked/leaked. Moreover, we’re already an established and reputable brand.

Do you have discount codes?

Just like most brands we do sales a few times a year, mostly seasonal sales, for example – Christmas. Additionally, some of our content creators can sometimes offer sales in their videos.

Are your cheats safe to use?

Our cheats are safe to use, but always check status page to real time status. Our protection is at a level beyond what you’ve ever seen. For precaution – make sure to check out our status page before purchasing.

Are there any technical requirements to use your cheats?

Your operating system needs to be Windows 10 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2 and 22H2. All processors and graphic cards are supported. Other Windows versions may work but not are not officially supported.