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  • Considering the purchase of Apex Legends cheats? Wondering about post-purchase support?

    Absolutely! If you've acquired any of our Apex cheats and are facing challenges in getting started, reach out to our dedicated support team. For a smoother experience, we recommend consulting our comprehensive forum guides before seeking personalized assistance. Our forums boast detailed guides and instructional videos on setting up Apex Legends cheats.

    Concerned about the safety of using aimbots and whether to stick to ESP and other features?

    Before diving into our Apex hack, ensure it's labeled 'UNDETECTED' on our website. This ensures you can leverage the hack without fear of software-based bans, guaranteeing a secure gaming experience.

    Avoiding Manual Bans:

    While software-based bans are a concern, players using hacks in Apex face the additional risk of manual bans, especially if their gameplay suggests hack usage, particularly with aimbots. To mitigate this risk, exercise caution in your approach.

    Using Aimbot Wisely:

    We strongly advise users to use aimbots judiciously, if at all, for enhanced safety. For those opting to utilize aimbots, tweak the settings to make usage appear more legitimate and less detectable. Our Apex hacks offer this flexibility, enabling you to customize aimbot settings according to your preferences.

    By following these guidelines, you can elevate your gaming experience with our Apex hacks. Your safety and gaming satisfaction are our priorities, and our hacks provide discreet tools for customization.

    Ready to purchase our Apex hacks? Here's how to get started:

    Visit our Apex Cheats Store, select the hack that aligns with your needs, and navigate through the straightforward order process. Upon completing your order, you'll automatically receive an email from our system. This email includes a confirmation about your purchase, after you have confirmation contact us via forum Ticket System or Discord to recive cheat loader.

    For any assistance during this process, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

    Get ready to enhance your Apex Legends experience!

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    • Not a dev, but the cheat is currently being reworked and will be released this weekend. As far as I know, it will have controller support but i'd ask directly from a dev on the discord server just to be sure.
    • Hi.  I just purchased my first PC yesterday and I want to buy cheats for Modern Warfare 3, but I have no idea how to do it. Also, do your cheats support controller players?
    • I use a VM which has real serials for the GPU and CPU, but everything else is virtualized. I used to use IW and AA because of its support for machines like what I use. Other providers I have tried also support it with different results, some inject/load and work flawlessly, others inject but don't show the GUI because of streamproof or anti-screenshot and some outright block me. I wanted to know what's Expira's stance on this. I'm cheatless since the IW C&D and AA detection, both which support KVM/cloud so I wanted to switch over to here.
    • please write a ticket in our discord server
    • I can't find loader. What's the download link?    
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